What We Do

Brand Management

Brand building is a favorite engagement at Nitro 121. We take pride in sculpting the brand to live out its essence and visions and inspire target audiences to go on a journey together. We undertake Brand building, Brand Authorship, Brand Architectures and Brand Toolkits.

Strategy Development

Some brands thrive on the rules and restrictions of their market and others veer off-course to stand out from the rest of the pack. We know how to navigate either of these categories with a Through-the-Line marketing approach that sees us gear-shifting from Above-the-line to Below-the-Line in a bid all so we can reach your target audience most effectively.

Creative Development

We ideate when we create. Developing themes and stories that draw from concepts around us. Ensuring that a simple story is exactly that - Simple. With simplicity we communicate a brand’s strategic vision, ensuring that at the heart of brand communication is the business of connecting people to goods and services.

Digital Marketing

We know the consumer journey, from iPhone to iShop, ensuring visibility at every point and providing brands with the platforms to interact and engage with target market from digital strategy, content creation, social media management, Influencer marketing & web/app development.

Media Buying and Planning

To reach your target audience on the media is to know exactly where to find them, because one thing you don't want to be is a noisemaker with no audience.
This is why at Nitro 121, due to our extensive experience and network in the Media space, we know exactly how to drive your message home to the exact target audience for whom it has been tailored.

Audiovisual Production

Throughout human history, stories have been some of the most powerful tools for connection, persuasion and interaction - whether as images or sounds.
At Nitro 121, we make living miracles out of static pictures and coherence out of random sounds, all thanks to our highly skilled and motivated studio experts, working in our state-of-the arts recording studio.
We bring your stories to life.

Experiential Marketing

121 also known as one-to-one; that’s how up close and personal interacting with the consumer is to us. If it is not personal, if it does not resonate with them, it’s not a ride we want to take the consumers on. It is this thinking that forms the foundation of our all experiential marketing activities, allowing us to create unique experiences that will hold a place in the consumer’s heart.

Trade, Distribution & Marketing

To create a demand for a product even before it reaches the consumer, is to understand the path of the value chain and to ride through it with ease. We have a proper understanding of every point of the value chain and are skilled in developing market strategies that aligns with brand strategy.

141 worldwide is a young, dynamic yet professional agency. They have be able to provide international insights through its foreign offices as well, from time to time and have suitable manpower in each respective department where their services have been required.

I.K. Anukwu
I.K. Anukwu

Marketing manager, SWIPHA

The Agency has a highly dedicated work team who deliver cutting edge solutions in time and in full.

Folake Odediran
Folake Odediran

Product Manager, Primary Care - Pfizer NEAR.

In our opinion, they are competent, creative and very professional Agency and we would confidently recommend their services to other multinational businesses that require such service.

Bob Condie
Bob Condie

Head, Consumer Marketing, BAT.