Social listening tools

Social listening is the process of monitoring and analyzing conversations across social media, centered on specific keywords, phrases, or brands.

As social media becomes more important for marketers, it is also crucial to justify its return on investment in the strongest possible way. Social listening can be beneficial both in helping brands explore the different opportunities to improve their online presence and in proving the worth of social media as a marketing tool.

When done well, it can go beyond simply monitoring for mentions and likes to become a crucial component of a social strategy.

Creative Storytelling format (Snapchat vs Instagram Stories): Which should brands choose?

A year ago, Instagram introduced Stories, a feature for publishing ephemeral content that does not show up in a user’s feed or profile but only at the top of the app.

The feature, near enough a direct copy of Snapchat’s own Stories feature, was slow to take off at first. But a year later, Instagram’s move seems justified, with a growing audience and a good number of users preferring Instagram Stories over Snapchat, as “that’s where their friends are”.

Influencer marketing

Consumers in today’s world are focused less on advertisements, and more on content. They don’t care that your product is the best on the market. Rather, they want to know what value your brand brings them. This line of thinking is pushed every time another company goes out of their way to make branding important.

Think about your business. If you told customers that your product was the best, why would they believe you? You’re as biased as they come. However, if a trusted authority says your product is awesome, consumers are more likely to believe them. That’s influencer marketing encapsulated. People with large audiences on their blogs, social media, YouTube channels, etc, use their influence to promote your brand. As simple as it sounds, getting it right is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy, effort, and attention to detail.

Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is an agile web design methodology that enables marketers and web designers to deliver consistent, iterative website optimizations towards a quantifiable business outcome.

Using this methodology, websites are built 37% faster; generate 14% more traffic, 17% more leads, and 11% more revenue, on average only six months after implementation.