“In advertising not to be different is virtual suicide” Thorton Wilder. This quote is highly apt for it personifies the driving force behind any successful advertising agency. One’s ability to think outside the box in an unorthodox mind is what defines a consummate communication’s expert and here at 141 Worldwide creative business communications is what we do which has made us a cynosure in the industry consequently, attracting top brands such as 9 Mobile, Honeywell, Western Union, British American Tobacco, First Bank, Cadbury, Multichoice Nigeria, Bajaj and Huawei to mention but a few with over 12 years’ experience in the advertising industry.

To ensure quality delivery on our client’s expectations 141 has a formidable team which comprises of brand managers, copywriters and art directors who work seamlessly together to produce global excellence considering the fact that most of our clientele are multinational companies. This aforementioned chain of command is highly essential in any advertising agency for the brand managers are the conduit between the agency and the brand whereas, the copywriters are charged with the responsibility of crafting memorable scripts and the art directors act as an adhesive the binds the words to an unforgettable image. These persons act as a team who are tasked with the responsibility of brainstorming and planning campaign strategies for brands with efficacious results of high return on investments for our clients.

Concept creations, ads development, research analysis using credible sources are the sequential procedures used by us here at 141 which have led to consistent success and attainment of our company’s goals. However, neither of this would be possible without what we like to call the “CRAZY” ones where C stand for creative, R for risk takers, A for adventurous Z for zealous and Y for yield. Thus only creative adventurous individuals who are passionate about their work and not afraid to dare would produce dividends, which brings us back to the opening quote by Thorton Wilder which can now be rephrased as follows “ in advertising, not to be CRAZY is virtual suicide”- 141 Worldwide.

By Chukwuemeka Anyiam-Osigwe


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