The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a scheme that was established in Nigeria during the year 1983 with the aim of introducing graduates into the working environment (often) related to their course of study by guaranteeing them a one year paid work placement in a government institution or private firm. As such companies are encouraged to employ corps members (corpers) to avail them of such an opportunity, however, not all firms are compliant stating that unnecessarily employing unwanted interns would only increase their wage bill. Such a company is not 141 Worldwide.

It is a creative agency specializing in marketing communication solutions is dedicated to ensuring that the ultimate aim of the NYSC is achieved which is demonstrated by the 5 corpers (feature image) they currently have in their books that cuts across all arms of the agency from creative (copywriters and art directors), to brand management, media, digital marketing and PR. A flower bed where budding talents can be nurtured by their nourishing soil of expertise, thus, encouraging growth and the capacity development of Nigerian youths.

A relaxed cheerful atmosphere yet conscious of deadlines and expectations which is reflected by the dress code (casual) and music charged airways of the offices. Aspects that appeals to the average Nigerian graduate, who although ready for work would appreciate a non-intimidating atmosphere such as a bank that is highly formal. Consequently fostering creativity and the attainment of goals due to the dissipation of the (conscious) pressure often associated with work despite the short (frequent) deadlines on projects.

Here are some comments from 141 interns on their journey so far:

Temitope  IG: @teesquare (Brand Manager Intern): “141 is a place where something unique and fulfilling happens each passing day be it in the form of tackling a challenging brief or trying to harmonize the client’s expectations with the creative content”.

Mabayomije IG: @0m0t0ke (Copywriter Intern): “141 is a place full of amazing people from your boss to your colleagues who are willing to teach and give you the freedom to express yourself whilst guiding you. In short, I’m having a good time”.

Evelyn Gbadebo IG: @creamlyeva (PR Intern): “working in PR has built my self-confidence, made me more tolerant and learn to listen more and talk less”

Chukwuemeka IG: @rndg0016 (Digital Marketing Intern): “since interning at 141 I have learnt how to optimize a brand’s visibility online which is essential to reaching the Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) envisaged for any company especially since I own an image consultancy brand called the Rare and Debonair Gentleman”.

It can be deduced from the above comments that 141 is certainly a place that encourages Nigerian youths and optimizes their chances of succeeding in life by encouraging creativity, enhancing problem-solving skills, boosting their self-confidence and establishing their own businesses. It is no wonder that interns are drawn to the agency, where only the most qualified are taken after all.

All 4 1, 1 4 all, 141.


Written by: Chukwuemeka Anyiam-Osigwe.


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