At the start of 2021, a big milky task landed on our table: a pitch to wow Arla Dano, and deliver a creative message that would resonate with the target consumer and be memorable.

We did not only have to create an emotional campaign for the brand, but we needed to differentiate the brand essence (inner strength) from its competitors and reinforce that Arla Dano is a premium brand in the milk category.

Of course, it was a challenge we welcomed with open arms knowing full well that Nitro 121 has the right expertise.

With insight of the consumer requiring to fuel his body with nourishment to take life on every day, Nitro 121 decided to encircle the consumer with the brand’s philosophy of inner strength and how they can draw from it to face life’s challenges. With this alignment of the consumer insight and brand truth, the communication expression  “GO FOR IT!”  was birthed.

The “GO FOR IT!” campaign cleverly highlights relatable stories of the average Nigerian.

In life, we face setbacks, we are confronted with daily struggles, we find many young people in doubt about their future, several businesses facing uncertainty in a volatile economy and also people at a point of  giving up on themselves.

Arla Dano’s “GO FOR IT!” message is one that stirs the inner consciousness of people, a nation as a whole, telling us to push ourselves beyond the limits and current challenges.

In the TV commercial, the fear of rejection and doubts were vivid with the female protagonist attending a beauty pageant and feeling not worthy enough, the young boy in the midst of older students worried that he might fail in his exams without even giving it a shot and an overweight man attempting to start a fitness programme but he almost gives up. The commercial ends with a motivational message encouraging people that if they want to make their dreams a reality, they have to crush those doubts, silence those voices in their heads, not to hold back because what’s the worst that can happen?

In doing so, Arla Dano is here to nourish you every step of the way, so you can GO FOR IT!

The ingenious 360 campaign has painted the market place red in Arla Dano’s brand colours and has been  well-received with the new client being pleased and the executions getting Nitro 121 accolades and referrals.

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    Daniel Akinjise
    8 months ago

    Nitro121 to the world. 🙌


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