Nitro121, a through-the-line brand-building company formerly known as ‘141 Worldwide’, was founded in 2005 on strong and long-cherished values of Responsibility, Integrity, Gusto, Harmony, and Transparency which spell out the acronym ‘RIGHT’.

When the agency was renamed and revitalized about three years ago, Lampe Omoyele, the Managing Director revealed that they are bringing to the market a formula one car racing philosophy to client and brand management.

In Lampe’s words, “Formula One racing depicts a high level of teamwork and performance such that when a car and a driver come to a pit- stop, within a few seconds, that car is revved up to perform at a higher level than before.

In the last three years since the agency was revitalised, the “formula one” principle has yielded incredible results. The agency provides creative marketing communication, brand strategy, experiential marketing, digital marketing, and multimedia technology solutions for leading companies and brands across sectors and markets such as GOtv, Bajaj, BAT, Arla Dano, M-KOPA, Total, First Bank, Molped, British Council, Trophy Stout Honeywell and Afrissance amongst others.

Nitro 121 ideates when it creates. Developing themes and stories that draw from concepts around the brand. Ensuring that a simple story is exactly that – Simple. With simplicity, the brand communicates a brand’s strategic vision, ensuring that at the heart of brand communication is the business of connecting people to goods and services.

The agency has deepened its digital offering by expanding the scope while recruiting some of the best hands in the industry.

In the words of Omoyele, “We brought to the table a new dimension of digital marketing; we have one of the strongest teams and some of the best digital marketing personnel in the country; we are bringing new digital marketing strategy and capabilities into the game”.

“We have recruited some of the best strategists; we are cruising with consumer insight and developing strategy,” he said.

Nitro121’s cutting-edge solutions that are adaptable across channels of communication and driven by being strategic, insightful, and creative whilst being cost-effective, have helped clients grow their businesses significantly.

In the last 2 years, the Agency has been involved in marketing communication with top reality shows including Big Brother Naija for GOtv and Dano, Nigerian Idol for GOtv, The Voice Nigeria for First Bank, and Trophy Extra Special Band for Trophy Stout.

Between 2020 and 2021, Nitro 121’s strategic input and marketing communication helped client Bajaj rebrand its RE 250 3-wheeler and smash sales records to overtake competition after 3 years. Bajaj Auto Limited delivered this by engineering an upgraded, more superior, durable, and reliable 3-Wheeler model that has now become the most sought-after brand in the 3W category in the Nigerian market (especially in Lagos) with the core needs of the Nigerian rider in mind. This was communicated seamlessly by Nitro 121’s marketing campaign which helped Bajaj RE 250 hitting a huge milestone of 10,000 vehicle unit sales mark within 6 months of the pan-Nigeria launch and significant growth of Bajaj Auto market share.

A high level of brand awareness was generated using all forms of media and the strategic signing of Jay-Jay Okocha, Nigerian football legend, as brand ambassador resonated with a passion point connected to the target audience; their love for discussing and watching sports.

With Arla Dano, the success at what one could consider a tedious pitch process was just the genesis of the birth of another compelling campaign. The Arla Dano GO FOR IT message speaks to individuals and the Nation at large, to GO FOR IT despite challenges. 

The team had two months to deliver on the campaign materials i.e., TV commercial, Radio Commercial & Jingle, and OOH concepts– it took sleepless nights, countless meetings, and pressure from all stakeholders involved on what eventually became a well-received TVC within the industry which is being celebrated with immense positive reviews. This is a testament that shows the Agency’s hard work and creativity behind closed doors. During the daily commute around the Lagos metropolis, at some point you will find eye-catching, bold and engaging RED billboards which communicate “ARLA DANO – GO FOR IT” visually led with the Dano product range or a young-looking genius boy with a message “MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY…GO FOR IT!”

Nitro 121 has also received commendation from Hayat Kimya Nigeria for helping to place the company on the global map as a centre of excellence for digital execution with its digital marketing campaign for Molped.

In addition to supporting businesses and brands, Nitro 121 also supports causes such as the Nitro 121 street-to-school campaign where the Company sponsors the education of indigent children and provides food items to those in need.

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